Gambling in Miami: It's Official, Slot Machines Are Coming

It's not just Vegas anymore where you can go to gamble while on vacation, you can come to Miami instead and along with the sun, sandy beaches and tropical delights, you can try your luck at the new slot machines that will be soon be ready to take your money or, if you are lucky, give some back.

It is official! Casino style slot machines are making their way into Miami-Dade Counties dog and horse race tracks as well the Jai-Alai fronton thanks to the recent election and the overwhelming amount of voters who approved this long awaited issue to bring gambling to the city..according to the local newpapers, our fair city Miami will be joining Broward county and the Seminole Indian tribe in offering these Vegas style slots which might be the first step that will push south Florida's future into a gambling vacation destination.

According to the local news station in the last election, in 2005, Miami's voters said no to this proposal.

But last week, according to the complete but unofficial results reported by the Miami Herald, more than 242,000 or 63 percent of county voters approved the slot machine measure and 37 percent or nearly 142,000 were against it.

The Miami Herald reported that the voters felt the issues hinged on the social implications of gambling and that the true economic benefits would be huge so apparently, they had a change of heart when the promoters assured the citizens that there will not be slot machines in every gas station and grocery store like in Las Vegas and other gambling cities…

This vote gives the go ahead to the owners of Calder and Flagler race tracks and to Miami's Jai-Alai…Jai Alai which used to be a big draw to tourists, as well as locals, had become really down and out in appearance and popularity…this new bill will restore and give new life to all those tracks and gambling spots. My husband and I used to love to go to Jai-Alai years ago but it became quite seedy, now that will change. though it will take some time..the latest news from the miamiherald. is that it could take more then 18 months before the new casinos are ready to open

The owners of these para-mutual industry sites will be allowed to install 2000 slot machines each ….they, the owners, have also agreed to spend millions, between $80 and $100 million on renovation on each track making the experience a much more pleasant one for all who will come for the excitement and fun…fun that is, if they walk away winners..

Those who opposed this issue aren't too happy, worrying about gambling addiction, crime and the abuse of the Greyhounds at the dog tracks, but you can't fight the fact that money is a big issue here and the taxes will definitely help the local and state economy…it will also mean jobs for quite a few people in this new venture and hopefully will prove positive for the tourist industry….

Until now, there has been legalized gambling on the Seminole properties, like the Hard Rock Hotel, but the type of slot machines were not those used in Vegas…they were somewhat restricting in the pay-outs, but now, the gaming industry insists these new slots will be better all around for those who enjoy the thrill of gambling….

I guess time will tell. I know that according to some news reports in the Herald and on the local news stations, when polls were taken at some of the hotels on South Beach, vacationers were very happy indeed that they would to be able to add gambling to their vacation fun.