Can Christians Invest and is it Gambling?

Should Christians invest money and when is it gambling?

To ask this question, one would first have to evaluate their daily walk with Christ. If you feel that your walk is such that your mind set is one of contentment and you feel Christ has blessed you financially to a point that you could invest for long term goals, than I would say yes this would be good for a Christian to make small long term investments for the sake of, kids college, or possibly expanding a future family household.

One major thing I would believe we would have to keep in mind is investing in spiritual is not the same as investing in worldly or (materialistic) gain. One good example would be found in the New Testament (Matthew 6:25-33) here Christ explains that we need not worry about what we will eat, drink, or wear. Why these items? Because simply they are our necessities in this world. Most homeless people you see on the street will certainly not have a sign reading "need cash for long term yield bonds". Everyone requires the basics which are food, water, and shelter. With this said, Christ does make a requisition at the end of this passage, "seek ye first, the Kingdom of Heaven all these shall be added unto you" KJV. By this Christ tells us that if we seek him daily our basic needs will be met.

Does this mean we cannot as Christians invest our money? No.

In the book of Job we read how his loss during his trials were great. His home and cattle and his crops, all were loss in a point to prove his faithfulness to God. These losses show that at one point Job did a fair amount of trading to gain such an estate. Our main problem lies in our reaction to loss. Will we remain faithful to God or will we in turn blame God. These in the end are the two main spiritual factors of worldly investments. For the Christian it is simply a matter of, how strong is your walk with Christ, in the event things do not go as planned. Investments are only good if you have a guarantee of profit. If not this is simply gambling with your finances which can in turn affect your spiritual life as well. There are good investments at our finger tips such as, the interest savings account, or a good IRA at your bank, as well as an interest bearing college fund you can set up at your bank. These are easy to manage and you can have a payroll deduction set up once your direct deposit hits that a set amount can be place in one of the three and set your budget at home to accommodate the subtraction.

There are scriptures about prospering such as (Proverbs 11:24-25), which explains that a man giving freely, gains even more, and one who holds out comes to poverty. We can't take these out of context though. Remember Christ tells us, our basic needs will be met, in giving to our fellow man in need of necessity we are fulfilling the body of Christ. If anything the scriptures give more reason of foolish investing and the out comes, which generally rotate outside the basic needs of a Christian. Remember Christ preached contentment in worldly needs, but strive daily for a spiritual higher calling.