California Gambling

With 544,981 (1.9%) of California adults estimated to have a problem gambling, you would think it had a high treatment ranking. Sadly it is ranked 21st in treatment funding. They spend 23 cents per revenue dollar from gambling. This worked out to be $8,661, 000 for 2013.

California was ranked 1st in gaming revenues with a total cash income of $10.4 billion reported. In a state that has financial problems every year this kind of revenue seems to be a counter point to that. A total of 68,342 electronic machines, 158 Indian Casinos, a lottery, card rooms, pari-mutual wagering, and charity gambling as of 2013 has provided a huge source for funding.

In 2012 the California office for Problem Gambling reported providing service to 1,576 people affected by gambling treatment in the form of counseling and residential treatment. While the number seems small compared to the number of California adults estimated to have a problem, it is all through state organizations. California does not outsource its programs and the resources are used for training, development and prevention services.