Allen Iverson Suffering from Gambling and Alcohol Problems, According to ESPN

Allen Iverson is suffering from a gambling problem and a drinking problem. The problems Iverson is having were revealed by Stephen A. Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer and ESPN as people wonder what the future might hold for an NBA legend. Several sources are used in the articles, and apparently the gambling problem that Allen Iverson is dealing with is an extremely serious one. Iverson has been reportedly banned from casinos in Detroit as well as Atlantic City, and this has just made things worse for the NBA player. Add to it the illness of his daughter that he has been out of basketball for several weeks to deal with, and it throws up a number of red flags.

One of the comments that Stephen A. Smith made in his column was very telling, where he stated that Iverson, "will either drink himself into oblivion or gamble his life away." This makes it seem like Iverson has really big problems when it comes to the gambling, but Smith also notes that the drinking problem could be equally as bad if it continues down this road. Stephen A. Smith has been a reporter for a while with ESPN but covered Allen Iverson from Philadelphia for quite a few years before that. He even outlined the one person who might be able to save Iverson from the brink: Coach John Thompson.

John Thompson was the coach for Allen Iverson when he was at Georgetown University and had always been a good role model. Hopefully he or someone close to Iverson can sit down with him and help him out of this situation before things go too far. Smith isn't as optimistic that Iverson can be brought back, and this could be a very sad way for the former NBA MVP to leave the game of basketball. Iverson has been one of the most energetic players to take the court in an NBA game, and proved that he was one of the best scorers in the history of the game. Now though, Iverson has fallen a long ways, and someone needs to really step in and help him out so that his vices don't take complete control.