Putting an End to a Minor Gambling Addiction

Hundreds of thousands of people have a gambling addiction of some sort in the United States. Obviously, this number is much larger when you add in the entire world. It is so simple to gamble in one form or another because there are so many different ways to lay down some money to chance. You could make a bet between friends, take a visit to the casino, play the lottery, buy lottery scratch-off tickets, and more. Undoubtedly, a little bit of gambling here and there isn't a problem, but too many people take it too far. It's pretty much safe to say that a person who gambles money that they already need for something else has a minor gambling addiction. Here's how to kick a minor gambling addiction or habit in no time at all.

Stop Completely?

Luckily, you don't have to stop cold on gambling when you want to start dealing with a problem or habit. A person who gambles constantly doesn't even necessarily have to stop gambling completely, but they should cut back considerably on their habit. It is perfectly fine for someone to gamble once a week or so in small amounts, unless they are extremely tight on money. Anyways, a gambling addict (even only a slight addict) needs to merely learn to control how much and how often they gamble. They don't always have to stop gambling altogether. For most people, a gambling problem usually isn't a serious psychological condition. It is for some though, and those are the people that need to cut gambling completely from their lives. On the other hand, the rest of us just need to cut back a little or a lot. You need to remember that we're only talking about people with minor gambling problems or mild addictions here.

Cutting Back On Gambling

A self-professed "addict" has plenty of avenues available to help them cut back on their bad habit. Even better, none of these methods should cost them a single penny. A lot of people just gamble because they think they can make a quick buck or have the extra money to put out there. And yes, there are plenty of people who shouldn't be giving up that extra money. It's also a pretty bad habit to always think that you have the money to waste on gambling, especially if you do so on a constant basis.

For starters, try cutting back a little without any real aids. Just tell yourself that you don't need to gamble as much as you do and that it's a big waste. Some people just need to sit down and think about their gambling habits to start cutting back. Therefore, some people might have no problem gambling less as soon as they realize how wasteful it can be. Not everyone is that lucky though, so it takes a lot more for others.

Next, you can try enlisting the help of various techniques. Many of the techniques you'll be seeing here are simple money management techniques, but some of them are directed straight to people with gambling habits. A good amount of the following techniques will help you kick a gambling problem and manage your finances better.

* Envelope Budgeting – Of course, the gist of this one is pretty simple. You write different parts of your budget on separate envelopes. For example, you have separate envelopes for bills, food, gas, and more. Turning this into a gambling reduction technique, you can throw in an envelope for gambling. You should only put in $10 to $20 per week for gambling. Remember, you don't need to stop gambling completely. Just don't spend more than what's in the envelope for any particular category.

* Cash Be-Gone – For this one, you should keep as much of your money in your checking account as possible. A person is far less likely to gamble away money that isn't in their pockets. Typically, only people with a pretty bad gambling problem will go to an ATM, pull out their cash, and continue to gamble like normal.

* Give It Away – Simply give your money to somebody else for safekeeping for a few weeks. Obviously, you'll need to trust this person to only give you money you need and to not take any of your money. Only have them give you funds for bills, food, gas, and other necessities. Of course, you have to be honest on this one because you can't ask for food money and then spend it at the casino or on lottery tickets.

Just Keep Yourself In Check

Most people honestly don't have a psychological problem when it comes to gambling. In fact, many of us just indulge in some form of gambling to fight boredom or to get rid of excess cash in our pockets. You only need to confront your gambling problem when it actually starts to affect your life in a big way. For most of us, that point won't ever happen. Seek assistance if you recognize that gambling is affecting your life, but many people will need someone else to point out their gambling addiction, which is when you can be sure that it's a problem. Just keep yourself in check when you gamble so that it doesn't evolve into a bigger problem.